Antiques and Collectibles: What’s the Difference

There is a certain magic in searching out and finding antiques and collectibles. A sense of sincerity that is now oftentimes missing when talking about the things that are being produced today, is somewhat rekindled, for those who go out searching for that one thing that will add to their collection

People who go out of their way to search for “junk” may appear to be impractical to most. But as with most things in life, there doesn’t have to be a practical reason for diving into the world of antiques and collectibles. How about this for a reason? We just enjoy it.

Antiques are basically items which are old, traditionally at least one hundred years of age. The term antique comes from the Latin word antiquus, which means old. Though not necessary to be definitely one hundred years old, the term antique could be used to define rare items which have had a considerable number of “notches” in the “belt of its existence”. Unique items which have had years on it could also be defined as antiques, as well as the age-condition-value aspect of an item. The historical relevance of an item, coupled with its age, defines the value of the antique to higher or lower standards.

Collectibles on the other hand don’t necessarily have to be a hundred years old for them to be defined as such. Vintage, refers to items which hail from the 1950’s, the 1960’s and/or the 1970’s. Antiques are items of value because of their age, as well as the notable craftsmanship put into making these items.

The types of antiques and collectibles are too numerous to mention. People collect everything from Avon Bottles to Zebras and every item has a special meaning to the collector.

Keep coming back to The Antiques and Collectibles Zone as we cover as many of the Avon Bottles to Zebras as we can. If you have some type of collectible that you would like to see highlighted, fill out the form at the upper right corner of the page.

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